About The Site

This site contains course notes for the first year of algebra based physics. I wrote it for my students, but it might be useful for anyone learning or teaching physics. I'm still adding content for 2019-2020. Let me know if you have any ideas or if you have found one of the numerous mistakes.

The code is open source and hosted on github.
It's free to use under the GNU General Public License v3.0.
The diagrams are SVG written in a text editor.
The simulations are JavaScript outputting to canvas or SVG.
For 2-D collisions I use the Matter.js physics engine.
For the math sections I use the typesetting library KaTeX.

About Physics

Physics is science. One of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, physics investigates how matter and energy change over time.

Physics advances technology. Physics explains how electromagnetic waves encode information from a cell phone, how electricity in a computer chip is controlled by transistors, how a speaker produces sound with magnets, and how GPS calculates position.

Physics guides engineering. A knowledge of physics allows engineers to predict how their projects will behave. Physics helps them design, tinker, and experiment.

Physics speaks with math. Math is the language physics uses to understand and communicate the nature of our universe.