Mr. Landgreen

Physics - course notes

In physics we design experiments to discover mathematical relationships in nature. We then use those relationships to predict and shape our surroundings.


An organized notebook/binder and a scientific calculator is required. I'm flexible about most other details, but I recommend:

graph paper: for graphing, charts, free body diagrams, circuit diagrams, ...
scientific calculator: TI-30XIIS is cheap and works well.
pen or pencil: I like these colored pens.

Computer Science - codepen

This class focuses on learning computer science through projects. We build browser based projects using HTML CSS and JavaScript. We also build Arduino based projects that require the programming language C and simple electric circuits.


If you were absent, check in after class to see what you missed. If you need to make up an assignment, or have any questions come by my room after school.


Photos: classroom science experiments
Electronics: soldering circuits and programming Arduinos
Codepen: small HTML / CSS / JavaScript projects

n-gon: physics based sidescrolling shooter
planetesimals: asteroids remake with annoying physics

About Me

I graduated from University of Georgia with a B.S. in physics and astronomy. I've been teaching high school physics, chemistry, and computer science in California since 2006.

I nerd out on: books, hiking, soccer, science, coding, Arduino, biking to work