Mr. Landgreen

I'm a high school science teacher. This is my home page.

Physics - notes

This class uses math to explain nature and engineer technology. We design experiments to discover mathematical relationships in nature. We use those relationships to predict and shape our surroundings.

Computer Science - codepen

This class focuses on learning computer science through projects. We build internet based projects using HTML CSS and JavaScript. We also build arduino based projects that require learning C, and basic electronics.

About Me

I graduated from University of Georgia with a B.S. in physics and astronomy. After college I moved to Los Angeles and got credentialed to teach high school physics and chemistry. I’ve been teaching physics, chemistry, and computer programming in California since 2006.

I nerd out on: books, hiking, soccer, science, coding, arduino, biking to work


Photos: our classroom science experiments.

Codepen: some HTML/CSS/JavaScript experiments

n-gon: 2-d physics sidescroller shooter

Scratch: code blocks, try my 2-d portal game