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Physics - course notes

Physics is a lab science with a math focus. We use physical relationships to predict and shape our surroundings. We will also attempt to discover new physical relationships through experimentation.

About Physics

Physics is science. Physicists build mathematical models that approximate how matter and energy change over time.

Physics advances technology. Physics explains how electromagnetic waves encode information from a cell phone, how electricity in a computer chip is controlled by transistors, how a speaker produces sound with magnets, and how GPS calculates position.

Physics guides engineering. A knowledge of physics allows engineers to predict how their projects will behave. Physics helps them design, tinker, and experiment.

Physics speaks with math. Math is the language physics uses to understand and communicate the nature of our universe.

Student Files

physics this week

physics syllabus

Computer Science - Syllabus

This class focuses on learning computer science through projects. We build browser based projects using JavaScript. We also build Arduino based projects for simple electric circuits.


If you were absent, check in after class to see what you missed. If you need to make up an assignment, or have any questions come by my room after school.


Photos: classroom science experiments
Electronics: soldering circuits and programming Arduinos
Codepen: small HTML / CSS / JavaScript projects

n-gon: physics based JavaScript game

About Me

I graduated from University of Georgia with a B.S. in physics and astronomy. I've been teaching high school physics, chemistry, and computer science in California since 2006.

I nerd out on: books, hiking, soccer, science, coding, Arduino, biking to work

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